About Me

If I were at Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat would put me in Hufflepuff, even though I would desperately want to be in Gryffindor. If I were America in The Selection, I would never wind up with Prince Maxon because I’d be a foot taller than he is. If I were June in Legend, I’d be lost in a back alley and never find Day. Thankfully, the characters I create have no idea I’m a misfit at heart. They don’t care if I’m slouching or wearing jeans at a sundress kind of party. 

Despite—or maybe because of—my misfitery (my word, not Merriam Webster’s), I live my life as an adventure. I’ve spoken on a panel with Archie Comics at the San Diego Comic-Con, jumped out of an airplane over the California wine country, danced in the rain with a handsome stranger in Spain, and taken surfing lessons in Australia. I earned an MA in journalism and a couple of other degrees to keep that one company. Other than family, friends and cookies, I cherish writing time in my 1930's five-gable house, when fictional characters jump onto the pages of my stories. My two annoying but adorable cats, Elsa (yes, named for THAT Elsa) and Grayson, loathe my MacBook because it gets way more lap time than they do.